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MyFIFA Rules

MyFIFA is here for players/managers to have fun. So please be considerate towards your opponents and remember that communication is key.
1) THE FA (the tournament organisers, who manage MyFIFA)
Our Decision is FINAL. Any Questions you may have can be directed to one of us.
  • All games set to RANKED (UNRANKED for online managed leagues)
  • 6 Minutes per half
  • Games played to 90 minutes unless you are playing a knockout tournament.
  • Extra Time & Penalties only in Knockout tournaments.
  • No Glitching or Cheating (Please inform the FA if you suspect this and we will check into each case)
  • Pro passing ON (No pass power assitance).
  • No full custom formations.
  • You are not allowed to edit any of the players in your team.
  • Disconnections do happen in FIFA and here are the guidelines to follow
    • 1) Before 15 Minutes - No Score - Replay match.
    • 2) Before 15 Minutes - Score - Replay match with current score line.
    • 3) 15 Minutes to 45 Minutes - Replay half with current score line
    • 4) 45- 70 Minutes - Replay Half with current score line.
    • 5) 70-90 Minutes - Replay Final 20 Minutes with scoreline. (This is when most people force disconnect, and if you suspect force disconnects please contact The FA)
    • 6) Finally, the players playing the game have the power to make their own decision, BUT BOTH PLAYERS have to AGREE to the terms. So if u both decide to replay a match because of lag or disconnects, thats fine, but both players must agree. If both players don’t agree then please follow rules 1-5 above.
3.1) MATCH RULES (UCL season)
Knockout games during a UCL Season:
  • I.) 2 games are played, home and away
  • II.) Away goals rule apply.
    • eg. Team A vs Team B result 0 - 0 then Team B vs Team A result 1 - 1 aggregate is 1 - 1, then Team A progresses because they scored an away goal.
    • or
    • eg. Team A vs Team B result 2 - 1 then Team B vs Team A result 3 - 2 aggregate 4 - 4, then Team A progresses because they scored more away goals.
  • III.) Unfortunately MyFIFA can't handle the away goals rule, so capture the aggregated result and then add an additional goal to the winning team. As in our previous example: first case will capture 1 - 2 for Team A. Second scenario will capture 4 - 5 for Team A.
  • IV.) In the case where the away goal rule does not break the deadlock do the following: FIFA 12 only handles per game matches. So if the first game was 1- 0 and the second game 1 - 0 then it means its tied and the away goal does not count. FIFA 12 stops after the second game because it sees that the game was won. So you have to do the following:
    • a.) After the second game start another game (4 minute halves). The first half will count as extra time. Check the scores if there is a winner, away goal rule also applies here. Then you may end the match (or play out for fun).
    • b.) Otherwise play the second half and it is then sudden death (first one to score wins).
    • c.) If there is still a tie, then continue starting games until someone scores to win in sudden death.
  • V.) The final will be a single match.
  • It is up to the 2 Players to arrange a time and date for the match
  • For each Tournament or Ladder League an Arrangements Thread will be created. Use this thread to communicate with other players.
  • Make use of PM’s on the Forum as well as email, it is also recommened to get Cell Phone Numbers for SMS purposes. All of the guys in the Premier League have each others cell phone numbers, that’s why all our games always get completed. You cant beat a SMS.
  • If a match has not been played The FA will check the arrangements thread to decide who the game is defaulted to.
  • If a Player continues not to play his fixtures he will be banned. Bans range from 1 Season to all Future Seasons depending on the circumstance.
  • It is the duty of the Match winner to post the result.
  • If the match is a draw, the home team must post the result.
  • All results must be posted on MyFIFA
  • Please include all scorers and cards on MyFifa as this is all documented for awards such as Golden glove and Golden Boot.
  • Once a Result is posted on MyFifa it cannot be replayed.
  • If you are unable to play matches for a certain period of the Tournament please post in the Leave of Absence Thread.
  • If you do not post in the Leave of Absence thread and go on leave you will be banned.
  • It is your duty to either play your matches before you go away or when you come back.
  • New users should click on the register link and fill in the details. An email address is required. Please use your PSN Id as an username.
  • All of your fixture dates and opponents are found here.
  • All Results, including stats such as Log and Goal scorers can be found here.
  • Negative Chrome
  • Mike_2408
  • Dion_GP
  • Andchaos
  • Gremlinwp
  • Grim
  • ky_le
  • rapaheal
  • Kiethrn
  • Cyanide_1984
  • DavidWayne09
  • The-Bad-habit
  • Balrog_ZA
  • Shadow_fall_2000
  • Ineuer
  • Goosain
  • Supaman-10111
  • Gr1ev3r17
  • K-jay0804
  • slagman26
  • V3n0m_7
  • Clark-Kalel
  • Ne1Lgu
  • Wipo09
  • Minimum of ADSL 384
  • 3G connections not allowed
  • Only players living in South Africa can participate
  • MWEB accounts may not be used due to pairing issues and lag

We currently communicate on, so checkout the forums.

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