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What is MyFIFA?
MyFIFA is a website that helps to manage online leagues for Fifa 17 played on PS4. We set up a season with different leagues and managers. Season 34 is a full online manager mode. Players above a certain rating is placed on auction and managers are allowed to bid for them. The highest bid at close off time wins the bid and the player. Transfers are also available between teams.

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Previous Seasons

Season 36


Season 35

Group A
Alrich (Alrich)
NaRs_ZA (NaRs_ZA)
mightymouse-_-za (mightymouse-_-za )
Group B
West83ZA (West007)
GeN_Karma (Gen_Karma)
SLiPkNoT663 (SLiPkNoT663)
Group C
Naaib (Naaib)
aweawe_za (aweawe_za)
TURBO-9110 (TURBO-9110)
Group D
Kabi89_King (Kabi89_King)
MoeyP (MoeyP)
Group E
simple_vin (Simple_Vin)
Anees (Anees)
enricoxv15 (enricoxv15)
Group F
Haxord (Haxord)
Tsotsi (Tsotsi)
naasief (naasief)
Group G
mvp_prodigy (mvp_prodigy)
SufyPatel (SufyPatel)
SAVAZ3000 (SAVAZ3000)
Group H
Rolo (Rolo)
AhmedtheBassa (AhmedTheBassa)
browniewp (browniewp)
UEFA Knockout
Europa Knockout

Season 34

Mobizilla (Western Sydney Wanderers FC)
bevz_1 (Jaguares Fútbol Club)
nicholasgman (Al-Taawoun FC)
taliebm (Chamois Niortais FC)
mvp_prodigy (Bradford City)
NaRs_ZA (Southend United)
Division 1
simple_vin (Bury)
Alrich (Bristol Rovers)
browniewp (Envigado FC)
Division 2
AhmedtheBassa (Boyacá Chicó)
JevonKann (Górnik Łęczna)
West83ZA (Arka Gdynia)

Group A

ES11 Espanyol (Amien)
Hashtag Ouens FC (Saints)
CPT Ballerz (Mobizilla)
FC Mike Hunts (JevonKann)

Group B

Gebba Boys (Jake)
Capetown Elite (Riz)
Dangerous Darkies (Mandla)
The Gentlemen (Bruce)

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