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MyFIFA is here for players/managers to have fun. So please be considerate towards your opponents and remember that communication is key.
I want to join the leagues. Where do I start?
  • Register on MyFIFA.
  • Read the Rules.
  • Everybody has to start somewhere, and that will be the Ladder League.
We like to think of ourselves as avid FIFA players and if you can prove your willingness to stick it out in the ladder leagues for a while, chances are the FA will promote you to a league when the time comes!
After the current season completed, we'll post a signup thread on There you may put your name down and will be considered for the new season if you have played enough ladder matches.
How do I play a league match?
Matches are played on the Playstation Network (PSN).
  • Log onto PSN and online FIFA 11
  • Go to Online lobbies and select the geography section and then My Country
  • Scroll down to your opponent and press X. Then select to invite for a game.
How does the bidding work?
Bidding is done on MyFIFA. These are the rules for a online managed season.
  • 1.) You have to buy a minimum of 14 players with at least one goalkeeper.
  • 2.) Minimum value of a player will be 20 pts
  • 3.) Players will be auctioned in the following order:
    • 3a.) Defenders and Goalkeepers will be auctioned first
    • 3b.) Midfielders will be auctioned second
    • 3c.) Forwards will be auctioned third
    • 3d.) Any remaining players (unsold) will be auctioned last for managers to fill their teams. In the last auction the player's minimum value will increase to 45.
  • 4.)Budgets
    • 4a.) Premiership managers will have a budget of 2400 pts
    • 4b.) Championship managers will have a budget of 2000 pts
    • 4c.) Division 1 managers will have a budget of 1800 pts
  • 5.) Managers may not exceed their budget at the close of the auction. The penalty will be to lose the highest bought players until the manager is below their budget. The second highest bidder will have the choice of taking the bid or not.
  • 6.) Teams and players
    • 6a.) Managers are allowed to choose their own team, which will be 2 stars or less
    • 6b.) The managers chosen team may not use a player that has been bid on. eg. Henry may not be used for NY Red Bulls if there was a bid on him.
  • 7.) Bidding will have extra time, which means that if somebody made a bid on a player within the last 5 minutes prior to the close time, then any other manager who has made a bid for that player has the opportunity to counter that offer within 5 minutes of the last bid made. Refer to example.
  • 8.) At the end of each auction stage the bidding will close, players will be allocated and budgets will be adjusted.
  • 9.) Transfers can be made between managers before the transfer cutoff date. - Which is at the moment 2011-05-15 21h00.
  • 10.) A bid will not be canceled or retracted.
An example of extra time bidding:
Peter, Jakob and Sipho bid on Messi, cut off is 21h00:
  • Peter 10h00 100
  • Jakob 20h00 110
  • Peter 20h50 120
  • Sipho 20h56 130
  • Now Jakob and Peter has time until 21h01 to make a counter (20h56 + 5min)
  • Peter 21h00 140
  • Now it extends to 21h05
  • Sipho 21h05 150
  • Now it extends to 21h10
  • Jakob 21h09 900
  • Now it extends to 21h14
  • No more bids after this
  • Jakob wins the bid.
How does the transfers work?
Click on the transfers link and that will take you to the transfers list. Then click on new
The left side is where you offer either a player or points (or both) and the right side is the player or points which you would like in return. You can't only put points on both sides. So its one of the following:
  • a.) Player for player
  • b.) Points for player
  • c.) Player for points
  • d.) Player + Points for player
  • e.) Player for player + points
  • and if you really wanted to: f.) Player + points for player + points.
Then when the receiving manager logs in, he can click on accept or reject. This will appear on the MyManagement Page at the bottom. Accept will adjust the players' teams and the managers' points. Reject will cancel the transfer. If you want to make a counter then you'll have to reject and then create a new transfer request.
How does the ladder league work?
  • 1.) You need a login into
  • 2.) Remember to agree with your opponent that it is a ladder match before play starts.
  • 3.) If there was no agreement then it is NOT a ladder match
  • 4.) Ladder matches are ranked and 6 mins, same rules apply as the league matches.
  • 5.) Check the Ladder Info page if there are any ladder matches for you to accept.
The ladder log is based on the ELO ranking system.
Everybody starts of at 1500 ranking points. Then depending on who you play and the probability that you will win together with the actual result, determines the addition or substraction of ranking points. So if you play a lower ranked player and you lose, then you can lose up to 32 rank points. Even if you draw you might lose points.

We currently communicate on, so checkout the forums.

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